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1- Commentary on Holy Scripture



Book of Acts

Saint Paul's Epistles

Book of Revelation

Book of Psalms




2- oTHER Resources 

A multi-part series exploring the place of the Orthodox Church in world history. It examines various cultural and intellectual trends from a traditional Orthodox perspective. From the introduction: "Our purpose is to acquire an Orthodox philosophy of history, in order to understand our current situation in light of the Church's teaching, and thereby be better equipped to discern falsehood and avoid deceptive interpretations of what is going on around us, and to remain in the Church until death, to survive spiritually and to help those we are responsible for to do the same."

A concise refutation of the errors of Protestantism in light of the Gospel.


An in-depth refutation of the claims of the Roman Papacy based on Holy Scripture, Church Tradition, and the Holy Canons. 


A classic exposition showing that the Orthodox Church is the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ. 

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